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Our practitioners have over 40 years of combined experience in integrative medicine.

“This practice truly cares about your well-being. They are fully engaged when you are in the appointment and love that they will also correspond through the portal and by phone.”

Beverly G.


Dr. Ron Manzanero, Alternative Holistic Medical Doctor. Family Medicine Practitioner.

Ronald Manzanero, MD

Integrative Medicine Physician

Areas of expertise:

Cardiometabolic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, weight concerns, and high cholesterol

Thyroid conditions (hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease) or symptoms (fatigue, “brain fog”, insomnia, etc), including medical management.

Dr. Ronald Manzanero is a physician with over 30 years of experience in integrative medicine.

He is the co-founder of the Center for Collaborative Medicine (CCM), and the former co-founder of Modern Medicine and Modern Thyroid.

Dr. Manzanero graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1984 and completed his residency training in Family Medicine in 1990 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

His interest in alternative holistic medicine began in his pre-med days in college.  Since becoming a medical doctor, Dr. Manzanero has spent many years studying nutrition, functional medicine, intravenous therapies, and completed a 4-year masters course in classical homeopathy.

Dr. Manzanero has shared his knowledge and wisdom with many successful local practitioners, instructing them on the art of practicing integrative medicine.

Sara Klopp, Certified Physician Assistant who specializes in thyroid conditions and hormonal imbalances in women.

Sara Klopp, PA-C

Board-Certified Physician Assistant

Areas of expertise:

Thyroid conditions (including prescription management)
Hormonal imbalances (pre-and-post-menopausal)
Mood Imbalances
Metabolic Syndrome: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat, and issues with cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Sara is a board-certified physician assistant providing healing and medical care to the Austin community since 2004.  She received her Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma.  Sara has worked with Dr. Ron Manzanero since their prior days in 2017 at Modern Thyroid Clinic.

“I have felt so fortunate to help others in my career, working in many different areas of medicine including primary care, gastroenterology, and internal medicine, where I managed many people with acute and chronic issues, including thyroid disorders, diabetes and hormonal concerns.

I am passionate about the more holistic and integrative way of practicing medicine.

Evaluation involves so much more than just checking basic labs and giving out pills, and I am here for you to put those puzzle pieces together!”

Sara Klopp, PA-C
Katie Jo Dixon-Blaboe

Katie Jo Dixon-Blaboe, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Katie is a “Functional Medicine” Nurse Practitioner with a professional history in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She trained with Susan Summer’s doctor, the now-retired Dr. Ron Rothenburg, who spear-headed accessibility of bioidentical hormones to women and men.

She also treats Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, with the Shoemaker Protocol for Bio-toxin and mold-toxin illness.

She also supports the entire family through modern medicine such as nutrient IV infusions, and weight loss therapies.

She has worked with Dr. Manzanero of Thyroid Gurus for 3 years which takes a takes an interest in holistic care: Nutrition, lifestyle, and stress with the comprehension that the CLIENT is the expert of their health and body.

Katie-Jo’s Personal Health Journey

In my first 6 months as a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner I began to have severe pain in my feet until I could no longer stand or walk. I had to use a cane and wheelchair and was in extreme pain and fatigue. I was initially diagnosed with plantar fasciitis but was not recovering as expected. I went to a rheumatologist and was diagnosed with an autoimmune rheumatic arthritis called Peripheral Ankylosing Spondylitis, which showed up in my body as tendonitis in my feet, right knee, left hip, and left shoulder.

Then I witnessed a divine miracle in my life. Through prayer to God and the tools of Functional Medicine, the inflammation in my tendons substantially decreased. I used lab work, microbiome testing, herbs, protomorphogens, acupuncture, InfraRed sauna, physical therapy, chiropractic, alphabiotics, cryotherapy, and homeopathy to recover. I felt like I had been initiated into being a Functional Medicine Nurse practitioner through fire. I am a better practitioner for having this experience. My goal is to offer thorough, comprehensive and person-centered care with more kindness, more compassion, and more love.

“Spirit of Compassion has always said to me throughout the years of
helping so many people heal that knowing the true cause of why you’re
sick is half the battle. Knowing what to do, what to take, and how to
apply those tools is the other half the battle won.”

Anthony William, Medical Medium

Thyroid Gurus

Telemedicine-Based Practice

Experts in Thyroid, Cardiometabolic Conditions, and Female Hormonal Imbalances

Patient testimonial

We have been patients of Dr. Manzanero for many, many years because he is a doctor with vast knowledge in many areas. He is a master in piecing medical information together and spending time discovering the root of internal imbalances or ailments.

Doctor Manzanero is thorough and follows up to make sure whatever he prescribes is working for the patient.

It took us many years to find a personal doctor, had given up on doctors who’s first concern is running a “business”.

We feel that Dr. Manzanero always finds the right balance so his patients can continue to living their lives with vitality.

Debra S.

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